Airbnb Superhost Reviewing

As a Superhost, we do everything we can to create a positive experience and ensure that our place meets your expectations based on our listing description, location and price. Good reviews enable us to continue offering our home as a safe, comfortable and economical place for visitors to stay.

Airbnb ratings are not like hotel ratings – please don’t compare our humble accommodation to a 5 Michelin Star hotel! A 5-star rating on Airbnb means that you were happy with your stay based on price you paid. 

Airbnb considers a score of less than 5 as a hosting ‘fail’ – if the average rating drops below 4.7 stars, we are threatened with being delisted altogether! (This is no joke)

Hosts also lose their Superhost status if less than 50% of guests leave a review - We take time to review all our guests (with almost all receiving 5 stars) and we would greatly appreciate your review in return

The 'Overall Experience' star rating is based on the question

"How did your stay compare to your expectations?"

Of course, if you are disappointed or dissatisfied with any aspect of your stay, please feel free to communicate this to us ASAP so that we have a chance to address the issue and ensure your stay is a 5-star experience! 

Please feel at home and if there is anything you would like that is not at hand, just ask. 

Thanks again for staying with us. We hope you have an Epic Stay!