Property Presentation

There is no doubt that well presented properties achieve top rental and usually attract the best quality tenants. This means a higher investment return with fewer and shorter vacancy periods.

At the beginning of a tenancy, we will carry out a full and comprehensive Entry Condition Report including photographic records. This report along with the photographs are an essential tool which ensures that we are able to have the tenant/s return the property at the end of their lease term in the same condition (fair wear and tear considered).

If the window tracks are dirty or the garden is un-mowed and over grown we have to accept the property back in the same way meaning this would be an on-going cost to you.

Valuable Tips To Increase Your Properties Presentation:

Mow and trim lawn areas. Hedges should be trimmed. Windows and tracks should be clean. The front of the house from the street needs to look neat, tidy and uncluttered as the tenant will drive past your property before thinking about wanting to see through the inside.

Repair or replace leaking or dripping taps, sticking doors, broken light fittings or switches, loose or missing door handles, rotten floor boards, leaking gutters and torn fly screens.

If paint inside or out is generally good, just touch up the worn areas. If patch painting is done to too many areas of the house this will only make the unpainted areas look worse.

If you are considering repainting entirely, best to choose a light neutral color. Dark colours make the rooms look smaller and may not suit a tenants taste.

If your property has a pool, ensure that pool is sparkling clean and the surrounding area is neat and tidy. Ensure the pool equipment is in good working order along with fencing and gates.

Ensure all electrical wiring and power points are working and safe. This includes any electrical appliance which will be included in the rental of the property. Light fittings should all have working bulbs.

Have the carpets professionally cleaned and a pest control contactor spray inside and out if there have been pets living at the property.

Ensure you have comprehensive insurance to cover the property including public liability insurance. This is mandatory for all investment properties and forms part of your Management Agreement.

Our Investment Property Managers are committee to gaining the best return from your investment. An on site consultancy is welcome.