Landlords Information

When you choose RE/MAX Precision to manage your investment property you are choosing a professional investment property management business that understands your needs and understands what it means to be an investment property owner.

Our investment property management team is 100% committed to providing you with outstanding service for outstanding results and acknowledge that you are trusting us with an asset worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars. We understand the importance of minimizing outlays while maximizing your income and keeping you informed.

We are committed to changing the way Property Management is done and committed to doing Property Management the right way. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals with many years of property management experience along with up to date technology and constant industry training to ensure we are at the peak of the industry and able to offer outstanding service to our owners at all times.

When you choose RE/MAX Precision you are choosing to experience the Investment Property Service of the future, setting higher standards in property management.

Your RE/MAX Precision experience will deliver the following “ KEY “ benefits to ensure the best possible result.

Marketing your Property: Finding the best tenants for your valuable investment property is supervised by our specialist Leasing Consultant. This property management professional is not out chasing arrears or arranging maintenance. Our Leasing Consultant is working all day, every day finding the right tenant for your property.

Our high profile office, right in the heart of Bundaberg, enjoys a high volume of tenant enquiry due to our size, location, reputation and internet presence.

RE/MAX Precision exposes your property to the widest possible number of prospective tenants through every available resource including:

  • Detailed Rental List available from front reception
  • Internet advertising on numerous websites including,, and many more
  • “Inspect Real Estate” – an internet based marketing system designed to link our database with your property. This system also allows tenants to book and register for Open House times 24/7.
  • Property signage
  • Extensive database of prospective tenants
  • Email and fax rental listings to prospective tenants
  • Finding The Right Tenant: Our job is to find the best possible tenant for your property in the quickest possible time. Our detailed screening process aims to establish that tenants can meet the responsibilities of the General Tenancy Agreement, this includes reference checks on two of the largest Tenancy Database websites. Tenant selection is in accordance with laws covering Discrimination and Residential Tenancies and Privacy. We keep you informed of applications, so you can take part in the selection process.

    Arrears: We have a “ Zero Tolerance” arrears management system. Arrears are actioned daily and dealt with strictly in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.

    Maintenance: A dedicated maintenance manager ensures you are always kept up to date with the condition of your investment. We ensure your maintenance is carried out by licensed, insured tradespeople at the very best prices. We will communicate proactively on all maintenance issues with you.

    Periodic Inspections: A dedicated manager ensures your property is inspected regularly and will provide written reports to you in regard all aspects of your properties care and maintenance.

    Property Condition Reports: Before a tenant moves in, your Property Manager completes an Entry Condition Inspection with a carefully detailed report. Extensive photos are taken internally and externally of the property to support the Report. At the end of the tenancy these documents help ensure your property is in the same condition as at the start, fair wear and tear considered, and that the tenant’s bond is disbursed appropriately after a thorough Exit inspection.

    Communication: Our highly experienced management professionals are committed to communicating with you in relation to all aspect of investment property. We deliver direct, honest advice and feedback. We focus on ensuring you are well informed on changes to the industry, and are proactive in maximizing your investment potential.

    RE/MAX Precision prides itself on delivering nothing less than consistent, professional and a compressive Investment Property Management service.